Marketing and Client Relations

Erin Dekker is the marketing and client relations specialist for Gauge Design Group.  Serving as one of the principal liaisons between the company and its valued clients. Erin builds loyalty through outreach, interaction, and continuous improvement of services. In addition to researching and responding to client needs, Erin works with Gauge Design Group leadership to promote the firm’s products, services, and accomplishments by spearheading sales and marketing initiatives. She also provides administrative and sales support to the executive and management team and assists with business development. 

Prior to Gauge, Erin was the co-founder and COO of Emerald Cuff, a fashion boutique. Erin was responsible for strategic expansion and operational execution, including marketing, client relations, event coordinating, and accounting.

A native of Greenwood Village in Denver, Colorado, Erin has been involved with the nonprofit industry. Erin earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado.  These days, when she is not in the world of architecture and interior design, Erin may be found skiing, hiking, biking, traveling, or sharing life with friends and family. She is the proud wife of Matt Dekker and mother of Gavin, Griffin, and Antonio.