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Principal, Chairman

Dave Dekker is chairman of the board and key adviser for Gauge Design Group.

Since joining Gauge in 2013, Dave has brought an anchoring presence to the team. He remains deeply involved in the day-to-day decisions and expansion efforts.

Prior to the design-build world, Dave served as partner and CFO in the debit-credit world. He was one of five partners responsible for bringing billions of assets under management, more than once. Through all of this, he made the time for family and coached little league.

Not afraid to take a risk, Dekker has jumped out of an airplane more than once. On his sixth jump, he cut away and came down on a reserve chute. He enjoys camping and hiking, runs, and still proudly wears his “killer scar” from his days as a hockey goalie. Dekker has traveled extensively, including a dozen trips to Europe, and when he was a child lived in the Tokyo Hilton while his dad was in charge of a major bank’s international expansion.

When not at work, Dekker is building his dream home in the San Juan Islands with his wife of 34 years, Mary Lynne, whom he met while riding van pool the same week he totaled his car. He is the proud father of two sons, Matt and Stuart.